I started to walk back. I started by the dinning hall there as no one there. So after the dinning hall I went back into the night. I saw a huge building nearby. When i saw that building I was thinking its a perfect building for a palace. I went into the building and went into a room. In that room there people sleeping. There were over 20 people in one room. The people were lying on cushions in a marble floor. I shouted as if i was very upset. After i yelled I remembered that they don’t speak my language. So i picked a man up and i shook him. After i shook him he was trembling in front of me. I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere so i patted him on the back and he smiled.

After all I went threw that night i decided to lay down and go to sleep. I was thinking maybe when i wake up in the morning my time machine would reappear. So I woke up in the morning and it was not there i went back to the sphinx and started to search for clues. All the people followed me. I turn around and i look down at the grass and i see they left me were my time machine was and the tracks of it to were it was dragged to.


When i was done eating I decided to go and take a stroll around. While I was walking I realized how nice and beautifully everything around me like the flowers and vegetables grew wild and big everywhere better and nicer than my time in the past since im in the future. When I was walking I realized there was no animals or insect around to bother the plants and vegetables. So I started to walk to the sphinx.

After i got to the sphinx I asked it a riddle. The riddle was is this what all of the history led to?, and the sphinx gave the same answer just like it would to anyone else. The answer that i received was silence. After I got the answer i turned away and I saw that my time machine was not there.When i saw it was not there I froze and realized that its to heavy for the people to move so it couldn’t have gone far. So i started to look for it in big bushes and around the grass field.

I realized i haven’t eaten in 800,000 years. Before i would leave the machine i have taken the levers off and put them them in my pocket. The reason why i did that is because these people are like children they would play with it if I left. After that we walked to the dining room, some of the buildings we passed looked empty. It looked like the world is gonna end pretty soon.

When got the the dining hall i see that the windows were stained and the floor was stainless steel. the floor looked like it was wearing away because of the people from the past and present walking on it so much. The table and chairs were made out of polished stone.There was alot of food on the table in the room, to much for the amount of people in the room. There was only 100 people in the room. Since i was so hungry i began to eat. The food was amazing. The fruits and vegetables were very interesting to me but they were also amazing. while i was eating i was learning the language to the future. When people were finished they started singing and dancing.

I saw tall buildings in a distance from where i was standing. I heard noises so I turned my head the other way and there was a man pointing at me. The man started walking towards me so i pushed my time machine away and i look at it quickly just to make shore nothing was broken. I sat down in the chair after i saw the man walking towards me. I was getting scared because i didn’t know what these people would think of me maybe they want to kill me maybe they just wanna hurt me or Evan they might think im an animal.

All these people looked like there were four feet tall and they were all wearing robes with belts but the clothing on every one was wearing different colors. The hard thing was to tell the difference between male and female because they all looked alike so it was hard to tell them apart. These people had no fear to them. When they all were gathered around me they were all smiling and laughing and i thought they would harm me.

After the machine stopped i saw it was daylight in the window. I looked at my watch 4:21 i realized i have traveled more than five hours. So I decide to pull the lever again, but this time I pulled it down harder and farther and i began to go much faster. When i stopped the machine i look at the dials it said the year was 802,701. I had stopped the machine way to fast wich mad me flip over and i found my self laying down on the grass.

After all that i looked up at the and i saw high base of bronze a sphinx with a head of a women, a lions body, and eagles outspread wings and it was whit. This sphinx was right above me. Anyways i was thinking a very famous artist drew it out and had it built and i also realized the future liked beauty. The base of the sphinx was covered in green mold and the face was worn away. At that point i was a little puzzled and thinking of allot of things.

After i told my friends about the machine and showing them a model I decided to show them the real thing itself. So I bring them into my workshop and they saw it and they were amazed. This machine was twenty times larger than the model. One of my friends ask a question, if you sit in that chair and pull the lever it will take into the future or present. So my answer was of course it will. The doctor asked me can we take a ride ourselves?, so i said no not yet i still have a couple of things to adjust.

After my friends leave i said to myself its my turn to have some fun. I call in my housekeeper and I told her to cook dinner for my friends next week and make it the best dinner she ever made. Before she left i had given her a note to give to them when they come and I told her she is not allowed to look at it. After she left I have taken a seat on the time machine and its 4:19. I got nervous so i helled my breath and i pulled the lever down a little and it felt like falling. After a couple of seconds i pulled the stop lever there was a little bump.