When the morlock ran a way i chased him down in to the whole. It was hard to go down the ladder. I looked up and weena was looking at me with fear. Before i know im down in total darkness. my whole body started to itch and bother me. It was a little scary at first but then i was ok.

I lit a match and a whole lot of morlocks were coming toward me. I started to run when there were coming. While I was running i noticed something very evil about the morlocks. My heart was pounding very fast. I kept running until I saw a whole going up. I went up whole and I kept running and i saw my time machine and i went home.

I started to think maybe the morlocks stole my machine because they look like the type that would like something like that. I wanted to go meet them. Weena was still by my side holding on to my arm. Weena and I kept walking until we came to this big building that was ruined. I decided to go into one of the shadows to see what would happen. I turned around and Weena was not there.

I kept walking in to the darkness. When it got really dark I lit a match and i saw my first morlock. The morlocks looked like a small white ape. It had pail hair and had long arms. The morlock had small and pointed teeth. It also had huge gray eyes and it had a red glow. His eyes looked like they were gonna pop out of his head. After a couples of minutes the morlock ran away.

While I was walking with Weena I saw that there are allot of large wholes in the ground. I looked down a whole and it looked like it was a very deep well. Each time I looked down Weena pulled my arm telling me to go away from it. I kept pushing her to come with me and she said morlocks.

When she said morlocks it told me that might be the reason for all the weird things in this world.I realized there are like two kinds of people. The twok inds of people are the masters and slaves. the masters lived above and the slaves live below. The morlocks made everything. They made cup clothing and dishes.

The women i saved was small and very beautiful. I layed her down on the grass and rubbed her chilled arms and legs. After i rubbed her she stopped shivering which was good. the womens name that i saved was Weena. This girl Weena that I saved taught me allot. she taught me her name. She taught me her language and she taught me how to be grateful.

Later on in the day Weena joined me again with a smile. I realized Weena had a short term memory. Weena had handed me flowers while kissing my hand. Weena was the girl i needed to be with me then. She didn’t like all places but she didn’t mind exploring allover with me.

After I bang the door with my fist I heard noises. The noise sounded like a chuckle. After I heard it I put my ear against the door. Another thing started to bother me which was all the nice people that would follow me and be wit me were against me as if the door broke a lock or like a code of theres. So my concern started to get worse. I realized I needed someone to be with, like a friend.

When I was walking I saw that the weather has changed. All the children and people were playing and having fun. The thing that stopped all that was a shout from the river. The amazing thing was that no one stopped doing what they were doing. So after I realized that I decided to go and see whats going on. The water in the river was moving very quick. I dove in and got the swimmer. The swimmer was a women.

So i followed the tracks. The tracks led me to the bas of the white sphinx. I start banging on the door with my fist. I looked closely there were lines on the door that were almost invisible. They said it was a sliding door. Now i new were my time machine is. The only problem was there were no knobs, or levers to open the door. I turned and asked the people a question and i saw they had left.

I saw someone looking at me from the tall bushes. Before he left i grabbed him. i had brought him to the bronze door. I shoved his face very close to it to see if he’ll understand what im trying to say. When I put him by the door he looked very sick. He looked like he wanted to run away so I let him go he ran as fast as he can. After he left i picked up a rock and banged on the door with it and still nothing happened.